Digital Labz Music Production Workbook

[ Each of our 10 week courses is accompanied by a copy of this workbook ]

At Digital Labz we understand how difficult and also time consuming it can be trying to find the relevant information when it comes to contemporary music production. Thats why we have designed our own workbook which covers all the main concepts and theories used in making digital music. The book is very visual and makes some of the more complex ideas easy to understand.

“Ideal for a beginner to get to grips with some of the most important techniques in making music”.

At the end of each section there is a set of concise review questions which summarize and tie together the most important concepts of the preceding chapter. Whats great is that once you have filled out the workbook and filled out all the sections to the best of your knowledge, you can (included in the cost of the workbook) send in the completed material to us using the enclosed envelope, where we will have one of our experienced tutors mark the questions and send you a reply by e-mail including answers to any questions you have had difficulty with. (The workbook is also returned to you)

The workbook is unbiased when it comes to digital genres or software platforms, so the concepts will easily translate to any production software and any style.( However the book is put together with a dance music producer in mind)
Price: £22.95

Workbook Contents

  • MIDI & Audio – The differences explained
  • Music Theory – Basic concepts
  • ADSR Envelopes – Explained
  • Equalization – Ideas and theories
  • Compression & Expansion – Understanding dynamics
  • Gates & Limiters – Further dynamics
  • Effects processing – Reverb / Delay / Distortion / vocoding / Filters
  • Mixdowns – Rules & Tips
  • Psychoacoustics – Perception, equal loudness curves + more fresh theory.
  • Mastering – Overview & what to leave alone
  • Producer interviews- Out of the box thinking from some up and coming talent