Cubase 4 / 5 / 6

Cubase Studio – Advanced Music Production System

Cubase represents the cutting edge in digital audio workstations. Designed for professionals from the ground up, Cubase converges extraordinary sound quality, intuitive handling and a vast range of highly advanced audio and MIDI tools for composition, recording, editing and mixing.
• State-of-the-art audio and MIDI recording, editing and mixing
• Complete new set of VST3 virtual instruments and effects
• Real multi-channel 5.1 surround sound
VST Sound™, the universal sound manager
• Control Room integration within your outboard studio environment
• Seamless integration of external audio and MIDI hardware
• Pristine 32-bit floating point audio engine
• Professional music notation and score printing
• Advanced Integration of Steinberg and Yamaha hardware
• Cross-platform for Windows and Mac OS X Universal Binary

New Features

Cubase now comes with a brand-new VST3 plug-in set and four new integrated software instruments with more than 1,000 sounds. The powerful combination of Track Presets, Instrument Tracks, and the Media Bay database help to organize all your sounds from every instrument — both software VSTi and hardware. The Cubase 4 mixer now offers a flexible Control Room section and up to four independent studio mixes. Composers and musicians benefit from the enhanced score editor while the redesigned user interface with many new features speeds up workflow and boosts creativity to new levels.

New in Cubase 4.1

Cubase 4.1 additionally offers significant features such as Side-chaining for VST3 plug-ins, free routing, a Global Transpose Track, Music XML support and much more.

New in Cubase 4.5

The Cubase 4.5 update introduces several new features including unique support for the Steinberg MR816 CSX and MR816 X Advanced Integration DSP Studio, as well as the CC121 Advanced Integration Controller. The extensive support for the Yamaha MOTIF XS series and the KX USB Music Studio series has also been expanded even further.

Cubase 4.5 also adds more value by including highest quality additional sound content made by Yamaha, and the sound experts from Sonic Reality and Big Fish Audio.