10 Week Course (Beginner)

Ideally suited towards beginners and novice producers, this structured 10 week program will be custom designed to for you from scratch, to efficiently suit your production needs. Whichever software platform or genre you are focusing on, we will mix, match; and then teach you a 10 week course plan which will concisely show you all the skills that will be of use to you, ensuring that no time is wasted covering topics which are not relevant to your style of music. Each session is 90 minutes in duration and each complete course includes:

  • 10 × 90min sessions of one2one tuition with an experienced artist on your chosen software platform.
  • 1 x Digitallabz music production workbook© – To solidify your practical lessons by covering some of the most recent theories related to production techniques and sound theory.
  • 1 × 2gig Digitallabz USB memory key.- For easy transfer of data and song files between the studio and your home.
  • Custom sample pack – 2 gig of high quality samples specific to your music genre
  • Various up to date articles, notes and tutorials to cement your understanding.
  • 1 x Free 60min follow up session of remote tuition (see I-labz™)
  • Ongoing telephone, email or Skype® support for technical based queries.
  • Assistance with MySpace™ set up

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