Introduction to Digital Production / Gift Session - £49.99


This is a structured and concise two hour introductory session which focuses on the essentials of todays digital music production concepts.
The lesson is custom designed according to the specific interests of the student.
Ideal as a gift for a friend who would love a career in music, but needs a nudge to get them going, sound familiar?

All major software platforms covered: Logic 8 / Reason 4 & Recycle / Cubase SX / Pro-Tools …
Using Preprepared musical parts the student will leave with the structure of a track and its song file so they can develop the piece at a later date.All electronic styles are covered: Drum & Bass / Trance / Hip-Hop / Electro / Industrial / Experimental / House / Techno + more. A session recording a live singer or guitarist is also available at cost of an additional £25 (also we will need 2 weeks notice minimum if you are booking this option). Student will receive several sections from our ‘Digital Labz Production Workbook’ to read, fill out and keep.

Once we recive your booking we will send you a Gift Voucher by e-mail and also by post. If you have any special instructions to write onto the voucher, please drop us an additional e-mail to and add ‘Gift Voucher Details’ into the subject box.