Octane & DLR


LABELS: Renegade Hardware / Dispatch / Sonorous

SKILLS: Producers & mastering engineers

DJGENRE: Drum & Bass / Experimental

FAVORITE SOFTWARE: Logic / Flux plugins / Virus TI / Waves

INFLUENCES: Jazz fusion / Dub / Funk

Octane & DLR – The Fly [Sonorous] by Octane and DLR

In our opinion these guys are some of the hottest talent Britain has to offer on the underground circuit right now. They have a unique sound that has been developed over the last decade and now they are really bringing the goods. In many cases working as duo is tough and results in many dead ends, but these guys seem to have a brilliant harmony that results in powerful yet understated music, gaining support for people right across the spectrum of D&B. They both have a hugely creative approach, but at the same time their technical abilities cannot be doubted for second! They both work as mix and master engineers when not writing their own music and as such, have a wealth of knowledge to share. We are delighted to work with them and have them in for talks, keep your eyes peeled for Octane & Dlr at another one of our seminars soon!

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