I-labz™ Remote Learning


Welcome to a futuristic take on learning to make music. Most people think it only possible to learn to make music in the presence of a qualified teacher, or from a production manual. For many years this has been the case, but our new and exciting package has revolutionised the way you learn the skills you need, to make the music you love.

I-Labz ™ enables you to gain the live one2one instruction of a highly experienced artist & producer from the comfort and convenience of your own home or studio…… without them being there.
Using powerful remote desktop software and live video calling, you can have a specialist tutor in your chosen field to coach you to use your software, on your computer, at a time that’s convenient for you.

Once a remote session invitation is accepted by you, your personal music tutor can have remote access to your PC or MAC from their own studio, and then walk you through all the same processes and techniques covered in our face2face courses. All you need to do is sit back, listen close and watch as your computer make music before your eyes…

Having taught over 1000 classes on music production, and run several seminars, this has been a very natural progression for us to develop into. We already have the teaching skills and knowledge, so it’s just been a question of transferring this experience into a new format of delivery. As a result we are very proud to present to you a new era in learning…. I-Labz….

As I-Labz is currently utilising latest technology, please click the link below to download our minimum system requirements .pdf and check to see you are able to bring remote tution to your home….

Each I-Labz Packages includes

• 10 × 90 minute sessions of remote tutoring
This is with an experienced artist. Covering a software platform which is specific to your needs. This is done using powerful remote desktop software Logmein ®

• 1 × 3 megapixel web cam
With built in high quality microphone and light sensitive lens, for live video chat with your tutor during your remote desktop session with built in high quality microphone and light sensitive lens, for live video chat – using latest Skype™ technology

• 1x Digitallabz Music Production Workbook
this is to support the practical learning you do your remote sessions. This is broken down into 10 manageable theory based chapters, which are each followed by a set of review questions to level of understanding.

• 1 x Jawbone™ Bluetooth headset
As with all our packages we have ensure highest standards; that’s why we choose this Military grade hands free kit for times when communication without background noise is vital. Jawbone’s patented NoiseAssassin™ technology is unique in its ability to separate speech from ambient noise with remarkable precision. http://eu.jawbone.com/epages/Jawbone.sf

• 1x A DVD set of 6 specialist video tutorials
All on your chosen software to cover some of the more detailed techniques and methods used in production, just in case you need a helping hand in between remote sessions.