Bryan Longhurst - Spydogen

SKILLS: Producer & DJ, Engineer

GENRE: Dubstep / Hip – Hop / Drum & Bass / Live recording / Experimental

FAVOURITE SOFTWARE: Pro – Tools / Logic Pro / Reason / FL Studio / V-station / Recycle

INFLUENCES: Digital Mystics / Nigel Godrich (Radio Head) / Calyx / Burial / Bowie

TS10 by Spydogen
EXPERIENCE: Having completed his Access to music qualification (with distinction) and now currently studying for a BA hons in Creative Music technology at Bath Spa, Bryan has an thorough and comprehensive understanding of most technical software on the market today. With a solid 9 years production experience under his belt, including work for local radio, and more recently touring America whilst engineering for singer Sheila Chandra,( there is no style he can’t cover. With a main emphasis on broken beats and raw Synths in his own production sound, his approach is unique and imaginative to say the least. Another good assest to Bryans knowledge is that he is a resident DJ for Dubstep night Getsuei in Bristol, and therefore has a good understanding of making music for big club systems. Overall Bryan is patient, honest and easy going. Using a combination of these personal assets and a fantastic technical knowledge, he delivers highly informed and professional tuition.