Logic Pro 9

The industry-leading application for music creation and audio production dramatically broadens the capabilities of computer-based studio environments with Logic Pro 9. The first choice of many prominent musicians and producers, Logic Pro 9 provides the most comprehensive collection of music creation tools

Dynamic Creation
Innovative software instruments solidify the program’s outstanding sound generation capabilities — in the studio and on stage. These new options expand the already comprehensive array of instruments available, broadening the sonic potential of your Macintosh. Simulate any sound, with breathtakingly natural timbre in Sculpture, a component modeling synthesiser. Create hypnotic rhythms using Ultrabeat, a beatbox with 25 voices and virtually unlimited parameter adjustment. Low-latency MIDI processing provides control over external sound devices as well as software instruments and effects.
Infinite Loops

Apple Loop browsing and editing enable you to time stretch and pitch shift audio files in real time. Apple Loops let you work more efficiently and provide better workflow than conventional file formats. Apple Loops in software instrument format retain instrument, effect and input settings when you insert them in a track. This “whole channel” facility saves far more data than a standard audio file, plus it makes the swapping of loops from one song to another or sharing ideas with other musicians simpler and faster. What’s more, this lets you import GarageBand compositions, so you can edit and produce in a professional environment.
Stellar Performance

Logic Pro 9 turns the Macintosh into a digital audio workstation that meets the highest demands for audio quality. It supports audio at 16- and 24-bit resolution and sample rates of up to 192kHz for both audio recording and playback of internal software instruments. Logic Pro 7 offers seven new effect plug-ins, including Guitar Amp Pro, for amp modeling. 32-bit floating-point mathematics provides enormous headroom for internal processing, making it nearly impossible to overload the signal — even during mixdown to 16-bit audio for CD release. In other words, Logic Pro 9 delivers excellence.

Logic Pro 9 once again strengthens its exceptional position in audio and music production circles. This release underlines its role as the driving force in current and future composing, recording and mixing situations on music and audio workstations. No other digital audio workstation offers so many configurable options and, as a result, can adapt so easily to meet the demands of your individual preferences and workflow.