LABELS: Metalheadz / Brownswood / Push & Run / EMI remix

SKILLS: Producer


GENRE: House / Downtempo

FAVORITE SOFTWARE: Logic + iphone for field recordings

INFLUENCES: Soulful melodies / Found Sound / Drum & Bass

Midsummer’s Common (FREE DOWNLOAD) Video In Description by Pedestrian

The UK is ushering in a new wave of digital sound that is sweeping away the genre limitations and opening up new landscapes for sound wanderers like Pedestrian. After earning his stripes DJing and producing drum & bass, his quest for an original sound soon took him away from the world of 170bpm. Combining dusty loops, crystallised synths and absorbing bass-lines, his music is progressive and emotionally involving. The rolling rhythms and melodic richness of Pedestrian’s sound means it still maintains an ease of listening and a soulful stability.

The high production quality and unique feel of his work has led to critical acclaim from the likes of Commix and Gilles Peterson. After giving Pedestrian plenty of airtime on his Radio 1 show, the new music aficionado signed ‘Hei Poa’ for his Bubblers 6 compilation on the pioneering Brownswood label. Commix also commissioned a remix of ‘How You Gonna Feel’, signed to Metalheadz. On top of his dedication to producing, Pedestrian’s live shows have been a big driving force behind his ascendancy. Playing versatile bass-driven sets exploring the full spectrum of 2step, house, techno, hip-hop and soul, Pedestrian’s sets take the listener on a progressive journey through sound. With an EP forthcoming on Push & Run Records and a 12” on 2nd Drop, the road ahead looks promising for Pedestrian.

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